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Books [1]
02.04.2017 Numerour ENGLISH books - second hand
Please see the pictures attached, I am selling these books at between Fr. 3.- to Fr. 5.- per book (originally all of them cost over Fr. 10.-). Have a look at the pictures and feel free to email me if ...
Everything Else [1]
29.03.2017 10%Discount for InterSoccer 2017 Easter camps -Book before 2-April at 18h00 - Camps Starting Wk 10-April
Our fantastic 2017 Easter Camps will be running Wks 10 13 April, 18 21 April & 24 28 April! Enjoy a great 10% Discount Off all our Easter Camps booked before 2-April at 18h00. Discount ap...
Specialty Services [1]
11.04.2017 InterSoccer Birthday Parties 2017
Are you planning for Birthdays in 2017? Does your child love football? How about celebrating his/her birthday with a fantastic football/multisport/sports themed party with all his/her friends? ...

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